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Popular Packers and Movers is one of the best Warehousing Service Provider in Kolkata.

  • Warehousing Services

    Warehousing Services

    A warehouse is a building for storing goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc. The Popular Packers and Movers Provide Best Warehouse Services in Kolkata. A warehouse is a place used for the storage or build-up of goods. It may also be defined as an establishment that assumes accountability for the safe custody of goods. Warehouses permit the businessmen to carry on production throughout the year and to sell their products, whenever there is passable demand. Warehousing or storage rises to the holding and preservation of goods until they are shipped to the clients. Usually, there is a time gap among the production and consumption of products. By bridging this gap, storage creates time utility. There is need for storing the goods so as to make them accessible to consumers as and when essential. Some amount of goods is stored at every stage in the marketing procedure. Proper and adequate arrangements to trade the goods in perfect condition are vital for success in marketing. Storage allows a firm to carry on production in anticipation of demand in future. When the goods are stored in warehouses they are unprotected to many risks in the form of theft, deterioration, exploration, fire etc. Warehouses are erected in such a way as to minimise these risks. Contract of bailment operates when the goods are stockpiled in wave-houses. The individual keeping the goods in warehouses acts as reservoir as well warehouse keeper acts as boiler. A warehouse keeper has to take the realistic care of the goods and safeguard them against numerous risks. For any loss or damage sustained by goods, warehouse keeper shall be responsible to the owner of the goods.

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